Dior Exhibition

There aren't many opportunities to be this close to  dresses like these (!!!!). The Dior Exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum in Downtown Toronto was worth the visit and all the hype it received on everyone's social media. 

The exhibit space was small and dark allowing for the dresses and glass cases to be dramatically lit, highlighting their impressive sparkly details and craftsmanship. Walking through the space we got to see Christian Dior's process work with all of his notebooks, fabric swatches and prototypes. The embroidery swatches were from the oldest still operating luxury embroidery company in the world!

The Dior new look dresses with full skirts from post WWII were my favourites.  You could see how much thought was put into each part of each piece. Dior taught his army of seamstresses long forgotten traditional methods of dress construction to make well-fitting, comfortable, quality dresses and suits for women and girls for day and evening wear. 

To top it off there were countless elegant and extravagant perfume bottles and necklaces that I can't imagine owning because, gosh, who knows how expensive they would be.... They did remind me though of being little and waiting for my dad to come back from his business trips to Paris. He would always be sure to bring me back tiny sample bottles of Dior perfumes as a keepsake to make me feel a teensy bit fancy.

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Merike Hess