5 Yarns I Want to Knit with ASAP!

First of all.. disclaimer: I am not what some of you reading may call a knitter. I am happily knitting my third or fourth successful knit project, but my job at Koigu Wool Designs last summer has given me a whole new love for fibres, knitting and YARN! Oh how I love yarn. I want to start a collection of beautiful yarns to someday be able to make all of the beautiful garments I'm constantly imagining while being surrounded by stunning colours and wools all day at the Koigu farm.

Here is my little list of beautiful yarns that I have recently discovered and fallen in love with:

*all photos belong to their respective companies and their creative teams*

1. The Fibre Co.

I recently found the Fibre Co. through a colourful blog post that I was shown at work on their website. I started to explore the company's Arranmore Yarn which is a chunky, slightly tweedy yarn that I'm sure would make amazing cardigans, scarves, blankets, mittens... anything really!
The Fibre Co's yarn is generally still affordable, so some day soon, I will buy some!! 

Okay, so I'm a little obsessed with candy coloured things, as I've said in previous blog posts, my whole life is either floral patterned or yellow, pink and blue... so starting from here my list get super colourful and cozy so get ready for some tasty looking yarns!

2. Koigu Wool Designs

Working at Koigu last summer in Chatsworth, Ontario has given me the opportunity to get to know their luxury yarn selection extremely well. Chelsea, Koigu's new Aran weight yarn, has become my favourite as it is deliciously cozy, easy to knit with and has a beautiful selection of 20 colours to choose from. I knit a tank top with Chelsea this summer and it turned out quite nicely! See my progress pic below with two of the colours.


3. Knit Collage

This hand-spun 100% wool yarn from Knit Collage is perfectly named Wanderlust. It's soft and squishy at its SUPER bulky weight (it only takes .5 or 1 stitch per inch!!!) with a perfect hand-spun unevenness to give any knit project some fun texture.

I would love to knit a super puffy poncho or a throw blanket out of any of the colours, or a combination of a few since they all match so nicely, but I would need to buy some much bigger needles first! 

Knit Collage as a whole company is actually a super inspirational company and I love to follow along with the owner Amy's life on her Instagram and getting free patterns and updates by email. Maybe I'll start listening to her crafty podcast too soon, just need to make some time!


4. Loopy Mango

Another chunky yarn made of 100% merino wool,  Merino No5 from Loopy Mango looks so huggable, even before it's been knit up into anything! Just look at those colourful orbs of yarn! Again I chose my favourite colours but Merino No5 comes in a wide array of fun and simple colours for any quick knit project. Apparently only one ball is needed for a hat and only a few for a sweater, perfect because I can picture a cabled sweater or beanie out of any of these happy colours. 


5. Wool and the Gang

Take Care Mohair yarn from Wool and the Gang comes in the most wonderful colours as well. And I personally have never ventured into knitting with mohair, or anything fuzzy, before so this would be such a fun new project to get started on! Especially a sweater or a cozy patterned throw blanket... I need some more fluff in my life. I think my favourite has to be the bright turquoise, "Icey Morn". At only $14.95 this yarn is super affordable and it is currently sitting waiting in my shopping cart on their website...


I just opened my Etsy shop this week (excited!!) which I will be stocking up with knitwear and florals so I cant wait to order some of these yarns to make all of my knitwear creations possible very soon! 

Hopefully these cozy fibres will inspire you to make something to help keep you and your loved ones warm during this cold January here in Canada! 

xo Merike