Dark Horse Espresso Bar

The Dark Horse Espresso Bar has many locations throughout Toronto but my current favourite is its lofty, sunlit location at 215 Spadina Ave in the old Robertson building. 

It's a super laid back quiet spot, nestled underneath startup and non-profit offices upstairs, so lots of people are in there working away on their laptops or chatting during their lunch breaks. The tables are big and spread out so everyone can have their comfy spot without disturbing anyone else's coffee shop sanctuary. 

Dark horse has a wide selection of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and sweet and salty baked goods on the menu, written on the glass of their display cases and a chalkboard, in classic trendy cafe style. The only item I can currently vouch for is their iced americano which was very strong and flavorful, definitely recommend. Haven't tried anything else but hopefully once the school year kicks back in I can get back into my coffee shop circuit!

Merike Hess