Walk in the Park

What a beautiful fall Saturday! I've been meaning to go to this coffee shop on my street since I moved to Toronto in August. I've walked by it and its witty chalkboard sign everyday and never stopped by. Don't know why... of course I've been busy but not too busy to stop by a cute tiny bakery!

Since the sun was shining and I wanted an excuse to wear my favourite sweater and mittens to the park down the street, I decided today was the day to go to Andrea's Gerrard Street Bakery. 

There's a beautiful chandelier and you can watch the bakers at work, with their aprons making what they call "wee cakes".. the cutest little cakes in every flavour. There were way too many pretty pastries to choose from so I went with the classic chocolate chip cookie and americano coffee.

Decided to do some coffee cup artwork after walking to Riverdale park which I feel like is my own tiny central park right close to home! Been meaning to start this project for a while too.