Christmas in Toronto

I've always heard that Christmas in Toronto is extravagant but before this year I'd never gotten the chance to take part! So, now living close to all the fun, I made sure to fill my holiday season with as many events as possible to make up for lost time.

I went to the unveiling of the Hudson Bay Christmas windows where Mariah Carey made an appearance with "All I Want For Christmas" (AHH). The windows were stunning, half of them fantastically filled with candy covered mannequins and the other half adorable wintery scenes of animals that moved to the christmas music playing over the speakers. 

The crowds at the Mariah Carey free mini-concert were another story however... insane! Police with megaphones and tightly packed spaces like sardines. COMPLETELY still worth it though! (She got paid $1 million for less than 10 minutes!!! um shall I switch careers?)

The Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery Distrcit was beautful as always, but sadly my group of friends that I went with got completely soaked. But once again, worth it for the christmas cheer and massive tree! 

My roommates and I found an adorably tiny tree and weighed it down with tiny ornaments and candy canes. Also got my first christmas present while still in Toronto: wrapped in the most beautiful wrapping from a wonderful friend.

My first Christmas in Toronto sure kicked off the holidays the right way!

Hope your holidays were warm, happy and spent with your favourite folks!

Xo Merike

Merike Hess