A Little About Me

Hi I'm Merike! I started the Little Sea as a small floral accessory endeavour in highschool, making flower crowns for girls for prom and for a few photoshoots and named it after myself, since "Merike" means "little sea" in Estonian. Now it's turned into this! A blog about my adventures in coffee shops & restaurants, cities around the world, design and style inspiration, a place to showcase my portfolio and a small line of products on Etsy and Society6. I've started to sell my handmade knitwear, flower crowns and stationary on etsy and doodles / designs on products on society6. A little selection of all of my products you can look at here! 

Right now I'm a student at Ryerson University in Downtown Toronto, where life is bustling 24/7. I'm in the Creative Industries program, learning all about business know-how that goes behind creative entrepreneurship etc! I'm also getting a minor in fashion because I love designing knitwear and wearing / making funky clothes so I hope to combine my media and business know-how with fashion in the future. I've already started doing this a little bit on my Etsy shop as I mentioned.

Sidenote! A few years, ago I randomly got Pinterest famous, climbing from a respectable few hundred followers to over 300K in a few weeks! So its safe to say I'm Pinterest obsessed. I use it every day for inspiration for everything I do from decorating my room, to colour palettes for my designs to finding a new breed of dog to be obsessed with.

I love drawing, designing logos, making flower crowns, embroidering, collecting pretty vintage things from packaging to coloured glass, going out for coffee and croissants, running bare foot, playing with my pets, long walks in the cold and ridiculously long phone calls and love notes.

I'm sure there's more to know, but those are the basics! Happy you're here to follow along and feel free to contact me anytime.


Merike Hess

Happy living in a tiny apartment

Toronto, ON, Canada


Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.